Three Decades (2019 Album Various Artists)


A slim pack double CD release from the independent record label Audio Visual covering 36 tracks from some of the unsung heroes of the Mersey music scene during the 80s, 90s and 00s.

“What I’m Looking For” by Junebug – preview clip from the album:

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Here is a preview clip of the Junebug song ‘What I’m Looking For’, which is featured on the album:

Disc 1

Holy Motion – Northern Ghosts

Laughing Sams Dice – Tall Trees

Oklamotif – MSYKWCTC

Heartbreak City – Moonlight Dance

The Empty Hours – Coke and a Smile

Hey Marsha – My Optimism Flamed

Absaloot – Good Life

Get That Smile – Don’t Say Goodbye

Courarge De Sarge – You’re never Far away

The Vow – Wintertime

The Industry – Blue Angel

Three Mile Island – Wishing For The Day

Live Transmission – Funny Days

Last Night At The Fair – Hold The Dream

Stein – Looking Like Marilyn

Catch 22 – Killing Time

Grin – Listen

The Goheads – Mystery

Disc 2

Junebug – What I’m Looking For

Mr Hyde – Forgiveness

Blue Nose – Get Down

Something Wonderful – So Alone

The Diesel Fitters – I’m in Love With You

Coby – Cash

Beggars Belief – Little Girl

Sinister Footwear – All Creatures Great & Small

The Pocketmen – Bless The Day

The Mojave Collective – Up Down to The Country

Tim Lee – What do you Say

Rattlebus – Here comes the Kryptonite

Raft – In Love With

Chris Elliot – Million Reasons

Graham Trust – Someone to talk to

Bonanza – Clean and Shine My Eyes

The Apartment – Freedom of Dreams

Tom Monahan – Believe Me


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