The Lost Album (2017 CD Album)


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The Lost Album, 2017 CD by Junebug.

This is a 60s and 70s style indie / alternative rock album by Junebug.  The songs are melodic and atmospheric. It was recorded and mixed in 2017 in Brynford & Abergele, North Wales.

The songs on this album are inspired by bands / artists such as Nirvana, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Tim Hardin, John Cale, Big Star, Pink Floyd, Marc Bolan, The Velvet Underground, Duncan Browne & Gene Clark.

These songs were recorded using the following musical instruments: zoom R16 Digital Recorder, Pearl Export Drum Kit, Squier Jaguar Bass, Alesis Fusion Synthesizer (Mellotrons, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond Organ, Synth Sounds), Danelectro Dano 67 Electric Guitar.


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