Pete Dello & Friends – Into Your Ears (Album Review)

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I’ve been listening to the album ‘Pete Dello & Friends – Into Your Ears’ over the Christmas period of 2021. Released in 1971, it is a supremely melodic album with a laid back feel to it. The instrumentation and arrangement is as perfect as you could hope for, and the songs welcome you like old familiar friends. The final track on the album, the driving ‘Arise Sir Henry’ has a Christmas theme about it and is my personal favourite on this sonic jewel and definitive testament of Dello’s great musical skill.

I had a backtrack through Pete Dello’s music after listen to this, and soaked in some Honeybus for good measure. I picked up on ‘Into Your Ears’ after listening to Euros Childs‘ comforting new album ‘Blaming It All On Love‘, which is a selection of masterfully-selected covers, including Dello’s beautiful ‘Do I Still Figure In Your Life’.

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