Lost Souls – new 2016 album releases August 2016 Indie, Alternative Music

New Album releases, August 2016: The┬áJunebug album ‘Lost Souls’ is an epic, anthemic, classic-rock & pop inspired collection of songs (Alternative / Indie music). Buy the CD here: www.cdbaby.com/cd/junebug22. This album was recorded at mostly home with drums overdubbed at a studio in Brynford, Holywell. It is a melodic, epic album with a nod to each of my main musical influences. It is inspired by the Island Records releases of the early 70’s. with influences including John Cale, Cat Stevens, Nick Drake, Brian Wilson / The Beach Boys, Marc Bolan / T-Rex, Duncan Browne, Al Stewart, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Big Star, The Velvet Underground & Nico, Gene Clark, The Byrds, Nirvana & REM. The centrepieces of the album are two songs about people – performance artist Andy Kaufman and ‘Gonzo’ artist Ralph Steadman. Ralph lived in my hometown of Abergele in his formative years, and I am a big fan of his artwork. The rumours about Andy Kaufman faking his own death, and the subsequent mystery played a big part in setting the tone and feel of the album.

List of songs

  1. Andy Kaufman Lives 03:37
  2. Here’s To You, Ralph Steadman 04:02
  3. Please Don’t Be Cool 02:55
  4. I Got Sanctioned 03:37
  5. The Homebody 04:37
  6. A Greek Tragedy 04:00
  7. Light Sleeper 04:22
  8. It’s Nice To Know You 03:57
  9. I Lost My Wife To Candy Crush 02:50
  10. Blue-Eyed Witch Of The North 03:04

Genre of Music: Alternative, Acoustic, Indie Pop, Indie, Mystery, Classic Rock, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Alternative, Alternative Rock, New Wave, Indie Rock, Psychedelic, Retro, Singer-Songwriter, Indie Pop, Alternative Pop, Guitar Pop, Folk, Blues, Country, Indie Folk, Blues Rock, Country Rock, Power Pop, Beatles Pop, Jangle Pop.
Mood of Music: Dark, Brooding, Mysterious, Uplifting, Melodic, Soulful, Mellow, Relaxed, Chilled, Heartfelt, Passionate, Angry, Protest, Ethereal, Otherwordly, Funny, Humor, Energetic, Happy, Sad.
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