New songs for 2014

The band is entering a busy creative period – we have decided to cut back on live gigs in order to write and record some new music.  It has been 5 or 6 years since we recorded anything so it is ‘well overdue’!  Hopefully we can do some podcasts / music videos as we progress.

At this point in time the songs still need drums / electric guitar / backing vocals added to them.  Ralph & Warren are working on this as I type.  Although they are not yet complete, we wanted to show you how songs come together in the recording process.

Please have a listen and let us know what you think:


Anarchists Song

Falling Asleep On The Bus

Ape. Not A Monkey

January Snow

I Took A Job That Didn’t Pay

Tell It To Me Straight

Just Another Saturday


Forthcoming gig: Wednesday 14th May 2014 in Liverpool

We have a gig on Wednesday 14th May at the Cavern Club in Liverpool.  More details here: